Centre - Petaling Jaya, Selangor


Good things do not happen overnight. To address the issue of health, there must be a theme that unifies form and function. A centerpiece needs to be identified, then meticulously executed so it is in harmony with the other elements of nature.

Our dream came true when we opened our first out-patient center in September 2000 offering outpatient treatment using the famed Kerala oil therapy for the treatment of various ailments. Located on the famous Jalan Dato Abu Bakar in Petaling Jaya, close to Jalan University

roundabout, this centre is designed with four typically ayurvedic treatment rooms with attached bathrooms. Needless to say, each treatment room is designed with accessories imported from India including the treatment bed (wooden droni) made from Indian neem wood, which apparently has inherent antiseptic qualities.

To complement and supplement the outpatient treatment offered at No 10, we opened our inpatient centre in January 2003 located just across the road, at No.11 Jalan Dato Abu Bakar. It offers one single VIP room, three two-bedded rooms and one three-bedded room for patients needing prolonged treatments under the personal supervision of the doctor.

You can expect a relaxed, inviting mood when you enter the treatment room, with melodious classical Indian music and fragrance of ayurvedic herbal oils, which will draw away any hint of stress or anxiety. The soft and gentle oil treatment with special medicated oils and a shower of medicated herbal powders will calm the nerves of any person, even if you are a workaholic. Oil therapy is one of 24 types of traditional Ayurvedic treatment available at this centre. Every care is taken not to compromise on the practice of this system of medicine. This is a good getaway in the vicinity for patients who can take the time off to have complete rest and adhere to a treatment regime including meals prepared according to ayurvedic principles.

The center offers a complete range of traditional ayurvedic treatment including the intensive oil therapy for chronic ailments, rejuvenative therapy, the Kerala Panchakarma therapy as well as dietary and lifestyle advice.